Thursday, November 4, 2010

Edgecliff Happy Hour

I guess I was just about sketched out after 2 weeks of sketching on vacation in Belgium. I only got one sketch done yesterday that was fit to share.

My second sketch was another of my infamous freak show sketches of Kris. In retrospect, I should have submitted a montage of every sketch I've ever done of Kris for our "Spooky" October sketch challenge. I think a lip drawing lesson is in my future. I'm always relieved when someone gets up and leaves before I have to draw their mouth, which the lady in the first sketch above was kind enough to do.


  1. I really love the top sketch. And - I like bottom one too - like the line-only wine glasses in combo with detail of Kris.

  2. You caught my essence.... I think? But wow, those lips. I really like the background with the swooshes of color and line work.