Friday, December 11, 2009

Mukilteo Coffee Roasters - Laptop Guy

This guy was sitting by himself, working on a laptop. I always keep an eye out for subjects sitting alone. They are ususally concentrating on something and don't move as much as people who are in a group talking. And because they are concentrating on their own work or reading, they are less likely to catch you sketching them!

My first sketch was the one on the left - he had changed positions on me, and I gave up on it before he had a head. Later at home, I just added a head (a head too small for his body I see now). I was fairly happy with the one on the right, so I added some color.

When he got up to leave, I said "Sorry to see you go!" When he saw we had been sketching him, he was flattered and offered to stay longer so we could finish our drawings (even though his laptop battery had died). What a sweetie!

My husband thinks it's an invasion of privacy to go about sketching people unawares, but I've found people to be really supportive of us cafe sketchers. I just hope there's no one in the witness protection program sitting in our local cafes. :)

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