Monday, January 7, 2013

Travel Sketches and Home

  Our family was fortunate to gather for Christmas in the land of sun! 
First Arizona then Texas. I packed a purse sized 3 3/4 x 8" sketchbook,
  small watercolor set and found time where I could. Five grandchildren
under age 5. Fun, chaos, and sporadic sketching! Good Memories!

                                                         Then on to Texas!
More quick! sketching at Galviston Bay State Park.
Gray but warm played in the water and got
covered in Gulf sand!

            Our next trek was from Houston to Texas Hill Country and exploring Fredricksburg.

                                                 Side street in Fredricksburg

On our last afternoon in the Hill Country we hiked up Enchanted Rock, a huge pink granite rock
now a State Natural Preserve. it is gigantic!  This sketch was from an outcropping near the top.
Amazing place!

         And back on Whidbey!  This was looking across Penn Cove with our fun filled sketcher friends                  
          from Mosquite Flee in Coupeville.  Home!


  1. Ah! These are wonderful and vibrant, Faye. I especially love the two in Galveston. Love the ease and the waves and the colors...

  2. All so lovely and yes, vibrant. I love the artful collages you made of the Arizona sketches and Fredricksburg sketches.