Friday, November 16, 2012

Sketching With Sue

Well, guess who I sketched with the other day? Sue and I were missing sketchers so we got together at my house and sat on the comfy sofa with our glasses of wine (of course) .....and....we were both looking in the same direction....and after Paint left the rocking chair Robert arrived. So what were we to do? We sketched what we saw. It's always interesting to see how two artists interpret the same scene. We had fun.


  1. I just heard about your sketchers blog via a fellow blogger in New Zealand! He linked you in a comment about photos I posted from our latest trip to our Sunlight Beach cabin and Langley.
    What a beautiful blog. I will enjoy visiting.

  2. Hi Linda. What a small world it is! I read your latest blog post and wow I am impressed by your industrious fall clean up and bulb planting efforts! Hard to get me out in the garden this time of year. Thanks for stopping by and say hi to Dave in New Zealand.

  3. Phyllis, I like your sketches even better on the screen! I love the warmth and depth in your work. I have so much to learn from you. Thanks for sketching with me!