Saturday, November 24, 2012

Our Afternoon at Ivar's

We went to Ivar's in Mukilteo for the world's longest lunch. We sketched from lunchtime through happy hour, with sketchers coming and going throughout the afternoon. Luckily, Ivar's turned out to be a very sketcher-friendly venue. Both the staff and other customers seemed to enjoy having us there. Sketching awakens something in people. I think everyone secretly wants to draw pictures, especially when they see how much fun we have.

I do regret not getting a good sketch of the gulls and I have no excuse. They stood on the railing all afternoon.

Two Guys Lunching (with two other guys looking on)
The view out the window: An unexpected spot of color on a gray day

Ivar's Beautiful Bar Back

Turtleneck Guy at the Bar

After Dark


  1. I like this series very much. The last one particularly intrigues me because your palette is very different from your normal brighter palette and very rich. It's like the night and the people flow into each other. I love it.

  2. Thanks, Lisbeth. It was the last sketch of the series, I was feeling loose and free at that point. I'm sure I was influenced by the darkness outside and the comaraderie inside(not to mention the wine. It was a fun sketch day.