Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ott & Murphy

Langley offers so many delightful music venues ... I noticed on Drewslist that Levi Burkle, on guitar, and Karla Crouch, vocalist, would be at the Ott and Murphy (aka "OM") wine bar.  Sue Van Etten, Sherryl Goldfinger and I arrived to a sardine-packed audience.  Summer, the lovely wine stewart of the evening, pulled stools out of who knows where to give us something to sit on.  Levi and Karla performed number after number, warming up into great show tunes off Broadway.  They were delightful ... Levi also performs on a "mouth trumpet" which is a stitch.  The energy was fantastic.  Summer was so excited ... she said she felt like she was in Paris, with music, wine, and art flowing freely.  Initially, I was afraid we'd be a huge inconvenience, carrying our stuff and taking up space in the intimate tightly packed place.  But ... the fellow patrons were excited about our sketching, calling for us to "SHARE!" during the break.

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