Thursday, October 27, 2011

Backyard Color Riot

View from the deck
I had to try to capture some of the outrageous color in my own backyard before it's gone. I can no longer remember the name of the bright red shrub, but I bought it years ago at this time of year, specifically for it's red fall foliage. Below it are Autumn Joy Sedums, behind is a purple smoke tree. In the background, rose hips, a Japanese Maple and a Pin Oak also contribute to the joyous palette.


  1. This is beautiful. Love the rich colors

  2. I said it on flickr and I'll say it again. This is so lovely. WOWZA. Nice, nice job.

    Is the shrub "Burning Bush"? Don't know the botanical name. I love them. Each year this time of year, I keep thinking "I've gotta get me one or two of those". :-)

  3. Thanks Lois and Lisbeth. I almost didn't post it cause I thought it was too overworked and busy. But I got the thumbs up from Kris and others yesterday so I felt better about it. Would still like to make it less complicated - next time. I remember the name of the red shrub. Enkianthus.

  4. It's so rich! Like a tapestry. Love it!