Friday, April 8, 2011

Time Travel at Studio 106

Sharen Heath sat for the group this week, with her always-fabulous curly hair, her colorful knitting, and striped socks. She repeatedly denied that she was knitting a garment for use by the local yarn-bomber. Keep an eye out for a pink heart on a colorful pole-warmer around town.
In my second sketch of Sharen she had let down her hair, donned an Easter bonnet and lost the knitting -- and apparently about 40 years. I made her look 14 years old! I think she looks adorable.

For apres-sketching it was Chez Sherryl, where I drew the view out the window and John sitting across the table from me. 


  1. Though I like them all, I think my favorite is John's portrait. A little edgy with a sweet and gentle character. And simple expressive line.

  2. Sue, these are really nice sketches. I recognize Sharen Heath with her beautiful hair and the expression on her face. I've never met her but have seen her on the island