Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Elliott's Eclectic Collection

Today Elliott opened his home to give the sketchers a wonderful opportunity to sketch his eclectic collection of interesting items and art objects he has collected through the years. We all had a fun time and a great opportunity to use our drawing/painting skills to create fun sketches of the objects. His home is comfortable and a creation of love and art.

This is a viewing tower looking over Saratoga Passage and Everett.
His garden shed roof is covered with lichen/moss and has a ton more objects around it that I could not possibly sketch in a short time.
A collection of well worn shoes and books and other items on top the shelf. Phyllis' real foot got into the sketch while she was sitting nearby sketching.
This is my favorite spot in the old house. It's a stairwell that evidently was added after the house had been built. Under the stairwell is a passage to the study with storage shelves underneath. One has to stoop to pass under the stairwell to the room beyond.


  1. Wonderful sketches, Lois. You really caught the essence of Chez Elliot.

  2. Pretty sketches. I especially like the roof with lichen. Nice job all!

  3. Lois, it was great to meet and sketch with you. Someday maybe we'll even talk. I love your sketches.