Friday, January 28, 2011

Christmas Cards from our Secret Buddies

In December, Faye entertained the Whidbey Island Sketchers in her lovely home where we did lots of indoor sketching in her house. We also had a great time sharing our sketches, enjoying our fellow sketchers and sharing experiences and stories with each other along with munching on goodies and sipping wine. Lisbeth distributed watercolor postcards to each of us with a great idea to sketch a Christmas scene on the card and then send it to our secret Christmas buddy. So...the following are some of those sketches that we would like to share with everyone to show the fun of this project.

This Christmas scene drawn on the card by Gene Berg is so delightful. The line sketch is simple and wonderful showing the yellow warm light in the house in contrast to the cold outdoor snow on the ground.

Julie Pittis did this wonderful two color sketch and sent it to Diana Carter showing Art books that we all love to browse. Great crisp composition.

 Faye Castle used a wide selection of colors from her palette to sketch this cheerful winter scene of the mountains seen from Whidbey Island. Lisbeth Cort was the lucky Christmas buddy.

Natalie Olsen sent this lovely card to me and knowing that I enjoy spinning yarn from wool and alpaca fleece. I love these little sheep with their woolly coats and black faces and skinny legs. It's a keeper!
Jay Hudemann used colored pencils to draw Christmas cookies for Sue.

Cathy Hess sent this greeting to Sherryl from her tropical winter paradise in Hawaii.

And Lisbeth sketched the wreath on her front door to send to Sue Jensen.

Here is Diana Carter's beautiful landscape that Faye Castle was so fortunate to receive!


  1. I love all of these, but it's especially nice to see Gene's, Natalie's and Jay's work on the blog for the first time! Hope to see more of it posted soon!

  2. I moved Lois' comment about Diana's wonderful snow scene here after adding Diana's "Christmas buddies" sketch to the rest of the group's sketches:

    Lois said: That's a great snow scene and a difficult challenge to sketch snow scenes to look like snow using watercilor