Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bones and Brew in Coupeville

The historic Coupeville Wharf includes several wonderful breezeway displays as well as fascinating skeletons of Rosie the whale and a few other marine mammals hanging from the ceiling.  Here's a sketch of the bones of a sea lion - along with a sketch of one of our visiting Anacortes sketchers below.  It's kind of our own crazy little natural history museum right here in Coupeville!

After sketching at the wharf, a few of us popped into Toby's to toast our visiting sketchers and introduce them to Penn Cove mussels right out of the cove.

We're looking forward to a field trip to sketch with them on Fidalgo and sure hope they come back to Whidbey often.


  1. Thx Lois. I just discovered how fun it is to sketch skeletons!!!