Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ok, Well THAT Was Wild

One of the things I love about Whidbey Island Sketchers is that I end up in places I've never gone before on this giant island in the middle of Puget Sound.  Today was certainly no exception as we sketched at Island Recycling.  What a crazy place filled with too many treasures to sketch in just 3 hours.  For instance:

Here's the wild purple "book mobile" bus in the middle of the recycle yard.  I didn't do it justice!

And here's my first "figure drawing"!!!  A crazy mannequin on top of old patio chairs complete with recycle-yard chicken underneath.  THIS is why I love Whidbey Island Sketchers!!!


  1. FABULOUS, FABULOUS, FABULOUS! What a great composition that figure drawing with chicken makes. You have a great eye and talent for design.

  2. These are FABULOUS! I agree. That figure is outstanding. I love the bus also.

  3. Thx ladies. What a fabulous, crazy, inspiring venue. I can't wait to go back!!!