Saturday, September 4, 2010

Angel at the Cemetery

Nice to visit with my fellow sketchers at the Langley Cemetery. They all produced outstanding work. And the weather was good.
I have been obsessed with this angel for a month or so. I've done numerous false starts in addition to three sketches. There's just something about her. She has a wistful expression and a longing in her attitude as she looks towards the sky. She's also somewhat crudely crafted which is appealing to me. I'll be painting her again.


  1. She adds a touch of old world charm to our blog. Lovely sketch.

  2. This is terrific. And so is your show. I was there yesterday with a friend. My favorite was the old guy at the library. Your use of color just for him and the line drawing for the rest really appealed to me, emphasized him - simple and clean. Now if I only had $100........ Susan Jensen