Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 2010 Challenge

"Island Farms or Pastures" 

Sherryl Goldfinger delighted in capturing this new lamb at Fossek Farm right in Langley.

Sue Van Etten sketched the barn building at the entrance to Saratoga Woods in all its May glory.

Lois Mathews painted the old homestead at the end of Wildes Road outside Clinton.  She loves the old outbuildings and fruit trees "covered with lichen and twisty branches," reminiscing that at Christmas time when the leaves have fallen off the fruit trees and reveal remaining red apples, they look like Christmas decorations on cold, gray days.

Lisbeth Cort learned this month that farm animals move more than people, making them very hard to sketch.  This friendly llama on a farm north of Oak Harbor was curious and still until a car sped by, causing a goat stampede in its field.  The llama, too, galloped away way too soon.

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