Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Coupeville Sights

We started at the new library, went to Mosquito Fleet Chili for lunch, and then back to the library.  Fun sketching in Coupeville and such a warm welcome from Coupeville Library staff.  Thanks all!

Cool scooter parked near the library.

Then on to Mosquito Fleet where I sketched the sights out a window - lovely little boat docked at the wharf - after eating salmon & asparagus quiche (yum).

And... after lunch, back to the library to sketch.  I captured one of our Whidbey Island Sketchers through a window (much artistic license invoked).


  1. Liz. Yeah, so glad you painted the cute little pink machine and put it on the blog site. Love it! it's great!

  2. As usual, delightful images! That scooter is so charming, and artistic license makes for much more interesting pictures.

  3. Everyone loves that pink scooter! As I was leaving the library, I saw the owner hop on and drive off - she had a matching pink helmet!

  4. Thanks everyone. Aren't we all suckers for a cute pink scooter? Now I want one.