Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Color at Bayview on a gray wet day in May

The Bayview Nursey is the place to be surrounded amongst the beautiful bright colored plants on a gray wet day. I tried to capture some of this color today.

First painting of the giant begonias was failure so tried again at home to paint it from memory. Better results the second time, I think.

The entrance to the nursery was very challenging with all the different plants and activity and all the different shades of green. I tried to paint wetness from the rain on the bricks. Needs more practice.


  1. Very pretty Lois. Thanks for your coaching today. Helped me a lot!!

  2. Lois, I do think you captured the wetness of the scene. I love the way you handled the big green pot and the window reflections.

  3. Thanks, Lis and Sue for the encouraging comments. Sue, I think reflections in the water puddles might work. Lois