Friday, May 21, 2010

Island Coffeehouse & Books

It was a wonderful day of sketching Wednesday at Island Coffeehouse & Books.The cafe had just opened after months of renovations and it looks fabulous! This is the lovely side garden just outside the new "garden room".

I wanted to try the same subject again with more spontaneity. The first sketch was carefully drawn with pencil before adding color. This time I laid down color fast and loose and then added ink.
We were awestruck when a dozen kids sat down in a row and began singing Beatles songs in the nearly empty cafe courtyard. Their teacher was providing accompaniment on guitar.We think they were a music class from the Middle School. Sherryl just looked at me and said, "Aren't we lucky?" I knew exactly what she meant - we are so blessed to live here. I only got their outline before they had to get back to school. 

Shortly after the kids left, it started raining and we moved inside. I got one last sketch of the wisteria through the window.


  1. I love the 2 takes on same subject - neat difference in techniques. Also really like the outlined kids with color detail added in background. Cool!

  2. These are incredible! Sue, you've outdone yourself. These are fabulous sketches! All are very beautiful. The outline of the kids is wonderful, the way it's done in the background and the unfinished foreground. Wowza!

  3. These are beautiful and I love the narrative that goes with them.