Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Restaurant Kind of Day

A day of sketching in cafes and restaurants. It's so chilly here, our group preferred to sketch indoors at Useless Bay Coffee Co. Can't wait for warmer weather to get in some garden sketching.

Sketchers sketching at Useless Bay Coffee Co. in Langley.

We migrated to Prima Bistro for lunch.

We migrated, once again, to La Casita for cocktails.



In this sketch, my goal was to try to convey a sense of light from the lanterns. I also was working towards a loose impression.


  1. The catch of light on the flowers is very nice; also like the painting of Cultus've caught the mood of a typical NW day over the water.

  2. Hey thanks Lois! I was pretty happy with the bay painting. Images I enjoy painting seem to come out okay.