Sunday, April 4, 2010

Afternoon on the North End

Easter Sunday.  Everything's closed.  Wind's blowing hard but sun is out.  Not a good garden day but a great sketch day.  Decided it was a good afternoon to explore the North End of Whidbey Island. 

Started in Oak Harbor at Holland Gardens Park,  Then went to the Sea Plane Base.

Kept meandering north.  Stopped in Mariner's Cove to sketch this great pile of floats while looking over to north end of Camano Island.  Lots of white caps on Skagit Bay/Saratoga Passage.

Then caught a quick sketch of alpacas on farm at the intersection of Taylor and Silver Lake Roads.  My "mobile studio" - aka my 2000 Miata - served me well on this windy day. 


  1. These quick sketches are a kick. I especially like the alpacas. What does Larry do while you are doing all this sketching? We were doing a Sunday drive around the windy island yesterday, too, but didn't get north of Coupeville.

  2. First time I've done this but sure won't be the last. Great excuse for exploring the backroads of this big island.

  3. Every time I drive north and see that giant African animal place on the highway, I think we should sketch that before it goes out of business. Another great idea for a business on Whidbey Island. What were they thinking? It's almost gone - just a few things left.