Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hula Moon Cafe - Where Everybody Knows Your Name

The highlight of a recent visit to Rockport, Mass. was the Hula Moon Cafe - owned and managed by Dave and Beth and frequented by all the locals.  We spent hours there on two different occasions - drinking coffee and hot chocolate, chowing down on the great homemade soups and pastries, catching up on the local celebrity gossip and sketching.  It was great - kind of like Mayberry meets Cheers. As local resident, Nancy (below), said, "It just like home, isn't it?"

I keyed in on Nancy right away. Loved that hair and her big glasses. I kept trying, but never did really do her justice. She looks WAY better than my sketches of her. At 83 years of age, Nancy plays the trumpet and sings in a local club. Hoping to get back there in the fall to catch one of her performances. I bet she rocks.
Eddie was born and raised in Rockport and has never left. He never even got a driver's license, so he really stays close to home. We didn't get to talk much to Eddie, but we later heard he was thrilled to find out he was in my sketch.

There's something about sketching in public - it's kind of like traveling with a puppy - a real ice breaker. I don't leave home without my sketchbook anymore.

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