Sunday, April 11, 2010

Losing the Lines: Prima to La Casita

This is one of the many interesting views of Prima Bistro's decor.

My latest assignment from Kris is to sketch without using pen, i.e., to force myself to use values to define the image, rather than line. I'm having a hard time with it. As you can see, I got defiant and used the pen here .

Having gotten the rebellion out of my system, I tried my best to render the view into La Casita's kitchen without ink line. But I'm still dying to add ink to define some of those messy amorphous edges.

 Again, no line used on these flowers in a wall sconce in La Casita's bar.

I think I've figured out why I'm so resistant to giving up ink line. Line says "this is only a sketch, not an amateurish painting." Plus, I just like making marks with pen. I feel more in control and competent. But I know that getting kicked out my comfort zone once in a while is a good thing. That's how you grow. I just like to complain about it a lot.


  1. Sue, these are great. I also like the defined lines by the ink. I find it difficult to use the ink lines myself. Lois

  2. These are beautiful. Your ink lines are much lighter and subtle than usual. Wonderful colors. I like these very much.