Saturday, December 30, 2017

Which to do first?

So, the question of "which comes first" (NOT the chicken or the egg) but the INK or the WATERCOLOR, came up again in a group to which I belong.
My answer - "This is exactly what happens (to ME, at least), when I start with ink first. My work leaves the roundhouse as a nice ink sketch and takes off, but when it pulls into the station it has gone way past sketch, roared past painting, and arrives with bell and whistle as a full blown illustration. And, for me, it NEVER fails to do this. If I want a nice, fast, easy, loose sketch, I stick with areas of watercolor FIRST, then ink."
I started this at the Christmas party table at Cynthia's house yesterday. These are a trio of her holiday decorative matroyskas from her tree and her shelves (and, of course, some of her mushrooms). I did all the ink work there, and then finished at home. The nice, loose, fresh one is from last year, started watercolor first.
I rest my case.

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