Saturday, December 2, 2017

Paula's Grandbaby, "Bunny"

What a sweet afternoon it was with Paula's family ... the star of the show being her grandbaby, "Bunny."  Bunny was born on Easter 2017.  She is the most beautiful little delightful girl.  She was a very agreeable model, all dressed up in red for the holidays.  We had quite the turnout, too .. a house filled with warmth, merriment, and quite a spread of food contributions.  OH... I should add the Christmas cake I made 'cause I'm quite proud of it's cuteness.  It's a two-layer classic carrot cake with Whidbey carrots, cinnamon, dates and walnuts - recipe from the Grayston Bakery Cookbook, a Christmas gift from fellow grad students in 1988!  If you're in need of a great carrot cake recipe, ask me!

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