Friday, June 5, 2015

Derelict Poster

To all of you Whidbey Sketchers who post promptly, apologies to posting etiquette. 
Might these smiling Buddhas help my case??

These lovely sculptures are  in Arayashiyama, an eastern section of Kyoto,
Japan. My husband and I discovered many happy figures throughout the city
on our recent visit.

We were thrilled to be there during Sakura! Luxurious cherry blossoms everywhere!

Back to Whidbey Island  and Paradise Found Alpaca Farm! More happy faces, mostly...

Sketchers were welcomed into Second Street Salon for an afternoon!

May Day in Judi's beautiful back yard!

More  May blooms at Meerkirk Rhodendren Park
I sat on the grass in the warm sun surrounded bu glorious color!

And  last week's Sketchers in the sun at Double Bluff Beach!


  1. Fabulous Faye. Every single one is fabulous. You have the magic touch.

  2. I love them all, but Meerkerk is incredible! Beautiful work as usual.