Saturday, December 20, 2014

WISk Knows How to Celebrate!

We arrived in droves. We came laden with fabulous food, delicious wine, paints, pens, pencils, sketch books and hearts filled with Holiday Cheer. We ate (boy did we eat), we imbibed, we laughed and we sketched. Barb's spacious home, filled to the gills with wonderful art and festooned for the Holidays, was doing what it does best.....holding a group of people who were enjoying themselves. The Christmas Gnomes looked on and chuckled. We feasted in nearly every possible way. Thanks, Barb, for opening your home. And thanks, dear Sketchers, for enriching my life in unimaginable ways. We rock!!!


  1. Gorgeous, P! Love your Xmas sketches. The house wouldn't have been half as festive without you ... super big thanks!

  2. I love these, P! They look great on the screen. The one with the camel is absolutely exuberant. Puts me in mind of the work of Paul in Singapore, one of my favorite sketchers on the planet.

  3. I love the elf as the new header for our blog. He is so happy!