Saturday, December 27, 2014


I met with the WISkers yesterday at Kalakala Co. Mercantile, a new place on the Second Street plaza in Langley to gather for coffee, tea, or a bowl of ramen noodles from a beautiful hand-thrown bowl, while seated at a hanging table, on a reindeer pelt, or (when the sun comes out again) at a sculptural table on the patio. I think they also plan it to be a craft beer garden. Kalakala is the brainchild of successful film animator and advertisers Drew Christie and Amanda Moore. It was certainly the "place to be" on Friday! Here is Drew whittlin' one of his many wooden spoons. The interior is tastefully done in very chic, soothing neutrals and white, which are lovely, but which upset my color sensibilities. So I, of course, (utilizing my artistic license) redecorated.

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  1. Maybe you should have used your artistic sense and made his beard white? 8-)