Saturday, December 20, 2014

Camels, birds, and Sketchers, OH MY!

Camels, Birds, and Sketchers, OH MY!

What could be a finer celebration of gratefulness, good cheer, friendships, and island living than to gather with over 20 talented and uber friendly sketchers who came bearing fantastic food and art supplies?  I was honored, delighted and overjoyed to host the Second Annual WISK Xmas Sketch at Chez B.  This morning, I'm sipping my coffee and dining on yummy delicious Food of the Gods leftovers, delighting as the sketches are pouring into the blog.   It feels like a huge gift to see my home and person in such talented sketches!  A merry holiday to all my dear friends and thank you for your huge hearts and spirits.  LOVE TO ALL!

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