Monday, June 9, 2014


We have a new ferry!  She's beautiful!  And her name is lovely ... Tokitae.  She has been given the original name of the beautiful young female Orca who was heartbreakingly removed from the Sound in a roundup decades ago and has been performing at Sea World in Florida.  She is a member of our local pod.  May she be returned to her homeland and family!  

I got there too late to see the ceremony ... bummer! ... but I did get to witness a performance by the Shifty Sailors.  And shifty they are!  They sing, play accordion, and rotate amongst themselves constantly such that I couldn't keep them straight.  This is a composite of six of the Shifty Sailors ... not a great sketch but they promised to invite me to future gigs!  Thank you, Vern Olsen, Ted Ravetz, Wylie Vracin, Bob Wagner, Charlie Drummond, and Dave Haworth.   I so appreciate your work for heightening awareness of the whales as well as teaching our community about our own nautical history!  Thank you, too, for gifting me with your cd of whale songs.  

The Tokitae

Sorry this has to be in 2 pieces ... my scanner doesn't have a large enough bed to do the sketch in one piece.  Maybe I can learn how to stitch in Photoshop.  Anyway, this was a beautiful day to open a new boat to the public.  Just wish I had more time to sketch her wheelhouse, ceremony, and crowds.   Thank you, ferry people, for allowing me to hang out and sketch this one!

The Shifty Sailors

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