Sunday, June 8, 2014

Earth Sanctuary

Friday was beautiful and warm, despite the rain (of caterpillars).  I wore a big brimmed hat to deter the creatures, but they loved my paint palette and water dish.  I could imagine them swinging off the trees to the small watering hole I use to moisten my paints.  Ugh!  They were even hard to pick off my pants because of all their little feet holding on and saying NOoooo, don't dump me!
One can't help the feeling of sacredness while standing within the stones.  Prayers come naturally for peace and friendship.
"The Cottonwood Stone Circle, built in 2006,  measures 40 feet in diameter,  was originally made with 12 standing stones 11' high.  More inner stones have been added since and are arranged to artistically complement the symmetry and formal geometry of the 12 stones.   Inspired by the Callanish Stone Circle in Scotland, a line of standing stones was added  on the West and the East and two outlier stones were placed to dramatize the North-South orientation of the stone circle."


  1. For more than half my life (or 33 years) my Life's goal has been to see the Standing Stones of Callanish on Lewis, Scotland. I have viewed them many times but not in person. We have made 8 trips to the UK but never to the Hebrides... Having just read Peter May's first of his Hebrides trilogy, I desperately want to be there, to experience those incredible stones.

    However, I am enjoying your painting of the Cottonwood Stone Circle. Why shouldn't humankind be constructing new stone circles? Someone had to construct the oldest ones as new ones at some point in time... so I think this is a good idea. We did visit the Castlerigg Stone Circle in Cumbria, England and here we are!

    A very special place... am loving this site and I thank you for it!