Saturday, May 17, 2014

Stroh Home

An exquisite home and gardens in a deep forrest with vistas and views of the water! What is a Sketcher to do? We spread ourselves throughout the magnificent acres and went to work. Who could capture it? Can't be done. But like the blind men and the elephant, we each told a small part of the story. Except for a few comments among sketchers the only sounds were birds....primarily herons. I felt at peace, first sitting in the sun on the deck sketching a tiny corner of the home with a few bits of flora. Surprisingly, it got too hot! So I found a shady bench at the bend of a path, this time looking toward the patio. An unimaginable feast of texture and shades of green. Even this tiny slice was filled with unbelievable variety. The day was perfect.....temperature, slight breezes, quiet, peaceful and beautiful setting. Thanks to the Strohs for gifting us with this day.

1 comment:

  1. Exquisite day, exquisite sketches, P! You've don it again. Love them