Saturday, May 17, 2014

Carla Stroh's Garden Art

Whidbey Island is an astonishing "rock" of beautiful vistas, home, and gardens.  Carla ... thank you for welcoming us to your paradise!  An animal artist, I lately can't help but to find the faces in the garden ... and you have plenty!  I just ran out of time.  Here's your bird bath, with magnificent rhodies in full bloom.  

This Georgia Gerber ... her first large bronze cast? ... is precious.  I just had to capture it from two angles, tho I still didn't get it all.  This sculpture, truth be told, is of a family of three.  Maybe next time I'll find the way to get the whole family in.


  1. All are beautiful sketches!

    1. Thank you, Kate! I appreciate your taking the time to comment. I don't recognize "redharparts" .... do I know you? B