Saturday, May 24, 2014

Bayview Farm and Garden

My reputation is set.  As I walked into Bayview Farm & Garden, fellow Sketcher Judi excitedly told me about Handsome Rob and how I just HAD to meet him and his hens.  Yes, I obviously love sketching and painting animals.  Who knew Bayview had chickens?  I think chickens are beautiful, funny, big personality birds.  Couldn't pull myself away, except to shop.  Brought home a carful of wonderful new plants for my garden.  The displays are irresistible ... so many flowers and edibles ideas!  Thank you, BF&G, for allowing us to scurry and sketch all over your place yesterday.   And ... I agree ... Handsome Rob is exactly that.  Crow away, big guy!

I'm still experimenting with fine colored Sharpies to play with lots of lines under my paintings.  Sketching musicians, constantly in motion, is good practice for sketching chickens.  That sounds odd ... but it's true.  How do you capture a constantly moving target?  Lines ... playful repeated imprecise lines.


  1. I like chickens too. Great sketches!

  2. Oh YEAH! I KNEW these would "bloom" overnight! They are astounding! Terrific, vibrant, lively lines!