Friday, April 25, 2014

Whidbey Life Magazine

Tonite was a splendid festive Launch Party of the Whidbey Life Magazine!  There were special performances by Gloria Ferry Brennan and Sophia Duccini.  How do I love sketching musicians!  Gloria's dress, by the way, is a wonderful creation by Brenda Lovie ... absolutely stunning.  I don't do it justice here...

Gloria and Sophia ...

Gloria Ferry-Brennan and Eileen Soskin on Piano

Gloria Ferry-Brennan


  1. Beautiful, Barb! And so special that Sophia's Dad wanted one! and so sweet of you to give it to them. I like this idea of "gifting sketches".....thanks to Sue. It's a great idea and practice.

  2. Lovely way to document the evening, Barbara. Thanks!

  3. Thanks, Russell! Enjoyed seeing you there!