Friday, April 25, 2014

Capt'n Whidbey Inn

An early beautiful spring afternoon with the Whidbey Sketchers.  One can't count on it, but sometimes April surprises us with sunlight and warmth.  We gathered on the deck overlooking the Penn Cove mussel beds at the Captian Whidbey Inn and the sun came out and warmed us in its rays. Oh!  Sheer delight!  I couldn't figure out my sketch until I settled in the warmest spot I could find and hunkered down to sketch these two madronas dancing at water's edge with Penn Cove in the background.  Ahh... sweet island life!


  1. Such a beautiful and serene image. I enjoy how the leaves play against the background and trunks. Great light. I LOVE it! Of course I'm a big tree fan:)

  2. Another tree the afternoon light. ;)