Saturday, April 5, 2014

Port Townsend!

Port Townsend is just a walk-on ferry ride away, and offers hours of exploration
and intrigue to sketch! 

But first I had to catch the camillias blooming just outside our bedroom window.
They are a little late this year, tho ever cheerful! I have been playing with my
quill dip pen and black/brown mixture of ink.

First stop off the boat is  generally lunch at Sirens,  with its upstairs vista over the water, warm
cozy nooks and delicious food! I liked the line weight possibilities with the quill pen, but am not totally
comfortable carrying around jugs of ink....

A high point for me in Port Townsend is Joglo Indonesian Imports, just across the street.
 Two floors filled with imported decor all crafted with renewable or reclaimed materials. Exquisite hand woven baskets of all sizes, fabrics, sculpture. It is filled with beautiful and fascinating objects and furniture. We are always made to feel most welcome in this enchanted space. Not to be missed on a    Port Townsend visit!
This ink mixture has a little flow, interesting how it blended with the watercolor.

Balinese Offering bird sketched on a previous visit.

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