Friday, March 7, 2014

Susan's Aviary

My third visit to Susan's amazing Aviary.  The cacophony of bird screeches, "Hello!"'s, "Whatcha doin'?"'s, the sweet curiosity of the birds as attentive to us as we to them…   This is a lesson in quickness, tho.  These birds don't know much about sitting still.  They follow you around, land on your head, chew on anything interesting including the bag you carry your supplies in to any (you shoulda known better!) jewelry or buttons, take bananas from your hand, bob their heads, sway & dance side to side….  

I just loving visiting here!  A real treat, once again.  Thank you, Susan!  and all your aviary friends.  Keep up the heart-felt rescue!

In pure appreciation for what you're doing.

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  1. Barb another fantastic bunch of sketches! I like the suggestion of the cage.