Sunday, March 23, 2014

Moments From Mexico

Sue and Faye sketching on the beach at El Oasis.

Which dress? Which hat?

While in Mexico this time 4 of us sketched, talked, sketched, swam, sketched, read, sketched, shopped, sketched etc. It was a heavenly sketchathon. I filled a new Stillman and Birn, extra heavy, off white paper sketchbook and loved the paper! I also sketched in a Strathmore watercolor 6"x 12" book and loved the paper and the format. I also took an assortment of pens and my new Schminke paint box enhanced with my favorite Holbein colors. All new, fun supplies to play with and experiment with while sitting on the beach drinking margaritas or on the terrace at Casa Amanecer. Or wherever. The weather was perfect! Never too hot, while just cool enough at night to require a light blanket. Balmy warm evenings. Sea breezes. And never ending shapes and colors to delight the eye and make us run for our sketch books. Okay, so there were a few no-see-ums. But only in the evening.