Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mexico Light!

 Mexico in March! Two weeks with nothing to do but swim and sketch! Light, color, birds,
bougainvilea and hibiscus and a fresh gentle breeze. 
It was a complete step into peace and relaxation.  

                                        Every morning the sun would explode over the bay and
                                                        the multicolored bougainvillea!

I could sketch this view to the south from Casa Amanecer
a hundred times and it would not be the same twice.

                                                          Bougainvillea, of course!

If the sketch doesn't work? Play!

                                             Two for One Margarita Tuesdays at El Oasis!


  1. Ah yes! I remember it well. And these sketches make the memories more indelible! You know I love them.

  2. The fluid warmth of the first sketch sets me free!