Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Taman Carik, Bali

We've been pampered by fine weather, sweet caretakers, beautiful views, practically constant gamelan music, fragrant blossoms, fun shopping at incredible prices.  The Indonesian Rupiah is over a million per US $100.  You have to track all those zeros.  So might spend ten thousand on dinner out!  Which is about $8 or $9.  The most expensive item is wine.  A glass of wine can cost the same as your entire meal, so we drink local beer. Such sacrifices!

Our view of the rice paddies ... We have such a beautiful sweeping view.  The rice fields are fed by constantly pumped irrigation waterfalls, visited bt egrets, Kingfishers, Indonesian pheasants, frogs, and countless of other critters who all join voices in the night when the fireflies come out.

I'm always happy when there's palm trees around.

Our house is called Taman Carik and is filled with delightful art, furnishings, and Indonesian objects....

....  This incredible mask hangs in our kitchen. The carving is beautiful both front and back.  Our driver,  Wayan, says about 40 percent of the men around here are carvers.  We'll be visiting his home tomorrow, and I think we'll be seeing his uncles's amazing mak collection.

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