Monday, October 21, 2013

Permission to Play

This afternoon I decided to make a card to thank my sister for the lovely bouquet she sent for my birthday. It was so much fun, I tried it a second and third time. Then I decided it was okay to use up all my blank watercolor cards and just play with all the fall colors in the yard before it's too late. I bundled up, poured a glass of wine and went out on the deck and painted 5 more cards with all the luscious pigments of autumn. It was exhilarating. I ran out of daylight before I ran out of blank cards. These were all done with color first, then ink. I think I'll start sending a card a day to my mom.

Backyard color

More backyard color

Birdhouse on a stump

The birthday bouquet

Birthday bouquet #2

Birthday bouquet #3

Apples in a hanging basket

Looking up through the Katsura leaves


  1. They are all wonderful! Sounds like a completely delightful afternoon!

  2. I bet your Mom would really enjoy getting your cards. They are beautiful and vibrant, she has to love that!