Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sketches from the Palace Hotel in Port Townsend

I started this sketch in the coffee shop at the Keystone (all right, Coupeville) ferry dock. 
Had a little trouble here capturing heavy fog using only ink and line. Not too clear what was going on. Maybe some shading with a pencil would have helped. Or an ink wash. Or not . . . 
The wall sconces in the hotel lobby were hobnail cranberry glass and cast the most interesting shadows on the pale pink walls. 
The front entrance and window of the Palace Hotel on Water Street in Port Townsend. 
The lamp in the corner of our second floor "living room", and the amaryllis on the old console table.  
The clawfoot tub in the "continental" bathroom I shared with Emily. I really wanted to fill it and soak for about an hour, but, sadly, there was no time. Too much other fun stuff to do. 

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  1. Judi, STunning sketches!! Love the freshness of the colors, the variety, and the way you vignetted the Front of the Plaza Hotel sketch. Many sketches - no wonder you had no time to soak!!