Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sketching on Granville

Granville Island is full of imagery, weeks of sketching material! 
This totem is about 15 feet tall, and stands next to a carving studio with
more massive  logs inside. What a place to sit in the sun, listen to live music,
 and do my first sketch of the Whidbey Sketcher's Vancouver field trip.

Later....at one of the irresistible bakeries...
Lemon meringue pie for Phyllis, caramel chocolate mousse for me.

Beautiful sunny day to sit outside and sketch!  

The Burrard Bridge 
I lived for a year in one of the distant buildings
( under the bridge ) while studying animation 
at the Vancouver Film School. 
 The bridge was a familiar sight and a fond landmark.

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  1. Great captures of Granville. Light, bright and beautiful sketches!