Thursday, September 20, 2012

Summer Colors

This patch of orange was probably too the beautiful Smith Garden near Lagoon Point.
We are so fortunate to have these amazing places available to us for sketching!

      On a recent camping trip, we stopped to do a little sketch of late sky and the sand dunes at
      Cape Disappointment State Park on Long Beach. The Blowing sand made it a very short 
      sketch, just some spots of sand  filled color. Still sand on the page and in my little paintbox.

 Tide lands looking south from Oysterville on the Willapa Bay side of Long Beach. Afternoon.

And the same spot with a little more foreground. My quest
to simplify.... light a little later , some fog coming in.


  1. Oooooooh! Such beauties all. I particularly love the last one though - beautiful colors and depth plus the great rope/pylon. Just beautiful!

  2. I love the simple way you made me feel sand in the air. Do you still have some between your toes?