Saturday, September 29, 2012

Barb's Sketches from Dar Louisa

Here are Barb Barry's latest sketches from Morocco. She writes:

Phyllis just walked into my "office," saying "no sketch, no can capture the way this place FEELS." Well, we're doing our best. Last nite, after dinner we had mint tea and I loved seeing the tea pot and glasses on a wicker chest before beautiful African cushions and tapestries. I wanted to capture TEXTURE. 

 This morning, up before breakfast, I wanted to capture DIMENSIONS so I sketched the swimming pool in our interior courtyard. 

Today we'll walk to the town of Tourandannt, see the souks, meet some locals. The Moroccans are super sweet and accepting. The women wear head scarves for traditional reasons, not religious. The Tourandannt women wear blue haj's (spelling?)... head scarfs and very colorful patterned caftans.


  1. This is SO great to read, and with these fabulous sketches! THANK YOU!!

    1. Hi, Louise,
      Thank you for commenting on my sketches of your amazingly beautiful home. Phyllis and I sketched most days ... usually more than once! Phyllis and Kate leave today; Bill, Suzie, and I remain another night. I just did a page 2-sketch for your journal & would love to send you a copy! I'll get your email address from Phyllis. This has been the most luxurious pampering loving and fascinating visit. I thank you, Abdelelah, and Fatima a thousand times over.