Saturday, September 29, 2012

Big Day of Sketching in Little Edison

We couldn't have asked for a better sketching day in the charming village of Edison, population 133. We found everything we were looking for and more. Great weather, great views, great characters, unbelievably great food, and even an outdoor sketching venue serving wine with view of a slough!

Tweets Cafe Co-owner and Chef David
David again

Tweets Cafe was the big find of the day. The food was SO good and the decor so artful and inviting and sketchable. Faye and I had both lunch and dinner there plus dessert AND sweets to take home... Faye gave hers to Truman. She's a better person than me.
View from Tweets deck.

Tweets Cafe deck
Eventually we explored the rest of the town and ended up at Slough Foods patio for Spanish wine and cheese (before we went back to Tweets for dinner of course!). Slough Foods is on the Edison Slough although the water doesn't show up in my sketch. We enjoyed chatting with artists Tom and Elizabeth from Sequim.

Slough Foods patio view

Todd on the patio of  Slough Foods

Don't ask me what is going on with the lower part of this chair. I think I got distracted by our conversations and got lost. It happens.

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  1. The next best thing to being there myself is to have your sketches transport me to that place in time. Love your work!