Saturday, May 26, 2012

Baby Island, Spoiled Dog Winery, and Chris and Jude's Home

Okay, so I'm getting caught up with past sketches now that my printer and computer are finally talking to each other once again. On 5-18-12 I had the pleasure of sitting in this cozy kitchen and getting to know this gorgeous stove. Also I was sitting next to the coffee and goodies that our most gracious hostess provided for us.
So now I have the pleasure of sitting in another amazing Whidbey home. This hand crafted jewel was a delight everywhere I looked. I was captured by this sunny spot overlooking the shipping lanes, the mountains, and fabulous nature. I can imagine cuddling up in this chair reading and gazing. Chris said it looked like there is a racoon sleeping in the chair. I think this sketch will lead to a full on oil painting. I might just put that raccoon there.
Obviously not in chronological order, but nevertheless I'm posting. This is a good thing. A chilly, misty, sunny, lovely day at the Spoiled Dog Winery for this one. My first day back for sketching after a long break. It's so good to be back.


  1. Wow, Phyllis, you are formidable. I love all three, especially the two interior sketches of Chris and Jude's home. The palette is just exquisite and these sketches really capture the home's eccentric charm.

  2. Oh Phylis, these are exquisite. The line work in the woodstove is beautiful. Love the impressionistic washes.

  3. These are so nice! Fresh and descriptive. Have missed seeing your sketches!

  4. I just love these - especially the stove. How lovely! Still want to be you when I grow up.