Saturday, May 12, 2012


One of our blog followers came all the way from Sequim to join us for sketching at Cultus Bay Garden on Friday! We really enjoyed having Priscilla Patterson and her husband join us for the afternoon and she did some fabulous sketches, including this one.  She was lucky enough to catch the resident long-horned cow at siesta. Everyone said it looked just like Ferdinand the Bull, but I suspect "he" might be "she", as I remember hearing about some calves in past years. Lets face it, a set of horn like that will make any girl look a little butch.

By Priscilla Patterson
One of the many interesting things about Priscilla is that she is an aviation artist! Check out  her blog:

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  1. Ferdinand was my favorite story when I was little. This picture certainly evokes the same feelings of peacefulness. Wonderful painting.