Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sheep Shearing Event!

Sheep shearing on Whidbey, Welsh style! Claudia and Chuck Pettis invited to watch Welshman Eifion Morgan shear at their farm yesterday. It was bright and sunny, and cold. Amazing to see this process done by such a professional! In a blink, almost....each sheep came out got a haircut, then trotted off into the sunny pasture.

The rest of us all just watched.

Claudia skillfully gave pedicures and shots when required.
Schoolchildren were among the watchers...
Electric clipper!
And finally....one white sheep.


  1. Great captures of the event! Brrr! I always wonder if they're chilled for a few days afterwards.

  2. Wonderful series, Faye. These could not have been easy! So much movement. I especially love the one with the pop of color.