Monday, March 12, 2012

Jet City Roller Girls

An evening of skating, slutty costumes, evil names, dance breaks, bad jokes, girl scouts, pure silliness - all for $13! We saw the Hula Honeys vs the Riot Girls followed by Camaro Harem vs. Carnevil. Who won? Don't ask me, I was sketching. (See Dan's blog for photos of the event.)

Sketchers mark your calendars. The next set of bouts are Saturday, April 14, 6 pm Everett Community College Fitness Center.

L to R: Camaro  Harem coach, ref on skates Kent Dutchdis, Carnevil skater, non skating official

Big Eddie, one of the Non Skating Officials

Vancouver Riot Girls bench (ice pack on far right skater's neck)

Camaro Harem's "Unshine" is down. Medics, coaches, officials gather round.

Referee huddle


  1. Your sketches are great fun to see. It must have been a real challenge given that almost everyone was on wheels.

  2. Awesome! When will you go again?

  3. Love this. For the record, the ref in the first sketch is Kent Dutchdis.

    Haddie Nuf

  4. Hey, Haddie Nuf?! How cool that you found the blog! My first ever roller derby meet. So much fun. I added Kent's name to the caption. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. He loves the sketch! I"m sure you will be hearing from him.

  6. Just to let you know our season opener for 2013 is Feb 2nd. love to have you come sketch is again! for more info. We love the sketches!

    1. We can't make it on Feb. 2, but we are coming for the next bout on March 16. Bringing most of the Whidbey Island Sketchers group (and some husbands. Everyone is jazzed! Thanks for touching base.