Thursday, March 22, 2012

The NEW Greenbank Grille

Very excited that the Greenbank Store's restaurant is open again! From all indications, the new owners are going to make it a success. They're testing menu items, getting lots of customer feedback, great atmosphere, friendly service, good dinner music, open all day every day, very welcoming and accommodating to the sketchers.

Everyone wanted to sketch this beautiful still life bathed in light in front of the french doors. It's as if it were arranged with us in mind!

If you like James Taylor, you'll love Nathanial Talbot. He entertained us through the dinner hour. Still trying to figure out how to handle the Neo Color II crayons, but I got some good tips from Kris - for next time. Layer dry crayon, water, dry crayon, etc.


  1. These are great. I really like your neocolor piece.

  2. Love the flowers on the chair. It's fun to watch the way you're handling Neocolor II. I approach them kind of goofy and differently so it's fun to see all that you are achieving when you use them.